• Name: Bullet-proof mesh
  • Number: DM-045
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                                                                                    Bullet-proof mesh


Bullet-proof mesh (stainless steel security window screen) is made from high strength stainless steel wire

through the precision loom weaving. It has the property of resisting of shearing and impact force.





AISI304, AISI316, 316L Stainless steel wire

Common mesh

10mesh*1.0mm, 11mesh*0.9mm, 11mesh*0.55mm, 14mesh*0.5mm


750mm*1200mm, 750mm*1500mm, 750mm*2000mm, 750mm*2400mm

910mm*1200mm, 910mm*1500mm, 910mm*2000mm, 910mm*2400mm

1200mm*1500mm, 1200mm*2000mm, 1200mm*2400mm


Black, Grey, White, Yellow, Natural color etc.

Market Area

Canada, USA, Australia, India, Pakistan, Columbia, Ukraine, Turkey, Romania,U.A.E., South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand etc.




1. flat and rigid, mesh well-distributed 
2. Best impact resistance, safety and burglary resistantBulletproof function

3. Electrostatic powder coating, aging resistance, corrosion preventionBeautiful

4. Anti fire, anti rats biting, at same time anti mosquito, anti insects

5. 10 years warranty

6. Air circulation, Day lighting is good




The applications of stainless steelw indow screen

used in all types of windows and doors

Used in producing security screen that guards your hours anti-theft,anti-mosquito,




Wooden case

1.sheets 50pcs per wooden case (recommended);

2.40GP/4200-12000 Square Meter. 20GP/3000-7500 Square Mete