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razor barbed wire

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Concertina single coil razor blade wire

The construction of single coil concertina razor blade wire is based on strand of a single razor wire naturally running in loops without any clips or splices, where the diameter of loops is 30, 45 and 73 cm.
When stretched the Concertina single coil razor wire forms a cylindrical obstacle structure, which is very hard to penetrate, or cut through with hand tools.
The diameter of coils when stretched may become smaller by around 5-10%.

Concertina cross type razor blade wire

Concertina cross type razor blade wire is made of two pieces of ultra type razor wire bound together in a double spiral. Razor wires are bound together by special steel clips (between 3 and 9 clips for one coil depending on the width of the coil). The number of clips decides about the density of the coils, and thus about the effectiveness of the obstacle. The more clips the harder the barbed wire is to penetrate.

Flat wrap galvanized razor blade wire

The construction of flat wrap galvanized razor blade wire is made up of parallel placed overlapping loops with a diameter of 50, 70 or 90 cm made up of razor wire. The loops are connected with one another using special clips, which allows to attain a rigid obstacle border fencing wich is very hard to penetrate.
Razor wire flat fencing often functions as supplemental fencing together with traditional fencing, which are much easier to penetrate like wire netting or panel fencing.

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