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wire mesh fence

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 wire mesh grating is assembled with 100*70 and 70*50 one time forming post and high strength wire mesh. The fastening connection makes the fence installation very easy. It widely use for stadium, park, school, factory, residential district, military base, highway, railroad and so on. The fence enjoys perfect and succinct appearance, high security, strong perspective feeling, etc, and avoids the clumsiness of traditional fence. The wire fence has rich color and easy to install, the reasonable latitude and longitude design play the role of against climbing.

    Excellent surface coating and protect techniques. 
    Import advanced powder coating equipment from Germany.



    Excellent rust resistant (fifteen years guarantee) 
    Rich optional color 
    Unique modeling 
    Easy to install 
    Environmental protection


Corrosion Form: Electric galvanized, Hot-dipped galvanized after welded, Powder coated, Electric galvanized then Powder coating, Electric galvanized then PVC coated.

Corrosion Form

Electro galvanized then PVC spraying

Panel size




Wire Diameter


Peach Post


The design and specification can be made according to customer’s specific requirement.

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