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358 security fence for prison

作者:Anping DemingBrowse number: Date:2017-6-15

    358 security fence is also named 358 fence, high security fence, prison security fence.

    358 comes from its measurements 3''X0.5''X8 guages which equates to approx. 76.2*12.7*4mm.

    This high performance system provides the ultimate protection against anti-climb and cut through. With the additional V-top like barbed wire andrazor barbed wire, the system will have multiple additional features to aid security.

    Mesh sizes and tolerances:

 1.Distance between the centres of horizontal wires (cross wires): 12.7 ± 1 mm
Variations in mesh dimensions shall be maximum ± 1.5 mm per 1 meter length.
Distance between cross wire centres over 5.8 m length (max. cumulated
tolerance: ± 6mm)

 2.Distance between the centres of vertical wires (line wires): 76.2 ± 2 mm
The variations in the mesh dimensions shall be not more than ± 3 mm over total
width of panel

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