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Galvanized Wire

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Galvanized Wire
Galvanized wire is made up of carbon or mild steel which is coated with zinc because of its ability of providing fabulous cathodic protection. Through galvanizing, the base products are made highly resistant to corrosion and rusting. The zinc layer which is applied to it, functions as a protective barrier between products surface and atmosphere. The thickness and weight of zinc coating can be of different types as per the environment and longevity required.
We work with professional manufacturers with good experience in production field of galvanized iron/steel wire and stainless steel wire.
We have size range from 0.2 mm to 6.0 mm with zinc coating of 10 gms/square mtr to 350 gms/square mtr. We supply quality galvanized wire mesh, fence, galvanized binding wire at best prices in the industry. All products are in accordance to industry standars such as ASTM, SISO, DIN, SBS, JIS, SIEC etc as per the requirement.
Uniform zinc coating
Bright, clean and smooth surface finishing.
High corrosion resistance.
High tensile strength.
Galvanized wire applications:
Due to long functional life galvanized wire finds uses in various industry like- agricultural, construction, automobiles, consumer goods etc.
Galvanized wire mesh fencing for the protection of agricultural and commercial properties.
Used in various automotive components
Communication equipments.
Packaging products.
Manufacture of galvanized barbed wire.
Galvanized wire rope of low and high strength
Used in medical components.
Size range: 0.2 mm - 6.0 mm
Zinc Coating: 10 gsm/square mtr - 350 gsm/square mtr.
Wire Gauge: BWG 4 - BWG 34
Tensile Strength: 300 - 1400 Mpa

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