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Wronght Iron Fence Panel

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Wronght Iron Fence Panel material
The base material is hot dipped galvanized steel sheet, which be cut to narrow strips and then formed into square tube.
Material will be further zinc phosphated and rich zinc expoxy coated, and finally spraying powder coated by polyester powder.
Wronght Iron Fence Panel Introduction
Pressed form Spear Security Fencing is a tidy and effective solution for commercial and industrial security requirement.
Manufactured from 40mm*40mm rails with square pickets punched through and welded using 25mm square pickets. Finished with a pressed spear these panels are the ultimate security solution.
Wronght Iron Fence Panel Characteristics
   1) A new type of solderless assembly design, quick and easy to install, easy to transport and logistics.
   2) Both harmonious with the surrounding environment and iconic, but also with the difference between adjacent units.
   3) High strength, antirust, longer life, suitable for a wide range of unique structural design of the varieties showing the diversity and beautiful.
   4) Good flexibility, performance, rigid and flexible substrates fence products have a better impact resistance.
   5) Assembled fence has a variety of colors, not only has beautiful qualities but also can play a better protective effect.
Available color: green, black, blue, white, yellow, gray, orange, etc
Wronght Iron Fence Panel Application
  Wronght Iron Fence Panel widely used in villas, community, gardens, schools, factories and other flower beds, lawns, industrial and mining enterprises, financial institutions, sports stadiums, convention centers, squares, roads, balconies, residential.

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