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Palisade Fence

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Palisade Fence is widely used in the industry. As a commercial fence, using hot formed and cold rolled steel belts to form a secure panel. Palisade Fence can prevent us from most of the intrusions. There are also three types of tops, including "W" profile, "D" profile and angle iron. Deming Palisade Fence can also prevent crime for the private residents.

Name:Palisade Fencing

Model Specification:

Height x Length : 1800 x 2750 mm

Material: "W" profile, angle iron and H post

Pale Top: Triple Pointed

Pale Thickness: 2mm

Horizontal Rail: angle iron 50x50x5.0mm

Post: 100x55x3.5mm H post

Surface treatment: PVC coated

Color: Dark Green


Typical Applications

1> Industrial Fencing

2> School Fencing 


3> Railway Fencing

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